Alternative Holiday Party Ideas

Calendars are jam packed during the holidays—sometimes it seems like there is a holiday party every weekend. That is why we encourage you to consider different days and unique styles of holiday parties. This allows you to treat guests to an extraordinary experience while taking some of the pressure off their busy schedules.

Your holiday party theme, menu and venue choices have a big impact on the success of your event, so we found the perfect pairs to a variety of imaginative ideas for holiday parties in Atlanta.

Creative Holiday Party Ideas

Holiday Beverages at Happy Hour

Holiday Happy Hour

Employees are not always eager to come in to work during the holiday season, so it is an exceptionally important time to give them an opportunity to relax and mingle together. By scheduling a happy hour mid-week right after the office closes up for the day, you will boost morale and thus productivity.

As always, your venue of choice depends largely on your event goals. To reinforce that the corporate office values a work-play balance, hold your holiday happy hour on-site. Or, to give employees a total escape from the grind, choose an Atlanta venue that will completely captivate them in another world. The historic and industrial vibe of Terminus 330 creates the perfect atmosphere for guests to relax and chat over drinks.

A Fresh Start New Year’s Party Breakfast

Every year, we can count on one New Year’s resolution to trend—eating better and getting fit. Unfortunately, people do not always go about this with a positive attitude and healthy plan. So help friends, family or employees start off the New Year on the right foot by treating them to a custom breakfast menu filled with locally grown seasonal ingredients and organic foods.

Some of our favorite breakfast menu items that prove healthy food can be delicious and satisfying are:

  • Yogurt with granola: House-made gluten-free granola provides a satisfying crunch
  • Frittata made with farm eggs, a sauté of local veggies and feta cheese
  • Steel cut organic oats with sliced almonds, brown sugar, butter and dried fruit

Tip: Although a healthy company breakfast in the office is a great start to a workweek, we also love the idea of opening your home to guests. Breakfast is a fitting time to welcome guests into your home with warm decorations and a variety of healthy and comforting foods. And our full-service Atlanta catering company can help even the CEO do this!

Holiday Open House

Pick a Sunday and let your guests choose when they come to your party (or your home) based on what works best for their schedule. This is a great way to accommodate busy schedules and get some extra use out of your holiday party decorations. Just set out some finger foods and a variety of fun stations like cookie decorating that encourage guests to circulate and celebrate.

Holiday Brunch

Holiday Brunch Table Setting

It can be hard to get people to slow down and enjoy themselves during the holidays. But brunch has a way of doing this all year long. So invite your friends to a leisurely Sunday brunch at one of the most relaxing venues in Atlanta. Kimball Hall’s two-story Queen Anne house that dates back to the 1880s is the picture perfect place for a holiday brunch.

Fun Holiday Party Awards

If your company runs contests like desk decorating during the holidays, announcing the winners at your office holiday party is a great way to bring enthusiasm to both. And by choosing an awards holiday party theme, you can reward even more employees. From an ugly sweater contest at your party to recognizing corporate success over the last year, everyone has a reason to celebrate.

Corporate holiday parties that focus on awards call for vast venues with open floor plans. And the Stone Ridge Event Center’s 20,000-square-foot facility situated on gorgeous grounds provides just that. From the 12,000-square-foot ballroom to the stunning cedar pavilion, your guests will light up when they step into this amazing Atlanta venue.

Tip: As an alternative to gift cards, let winners choose charitable donations. This is a great way to give back to the community and help employees feel great.

Holiday Office Lunch

Holiday Office Lunch

A holiday lunch breaks up the workday and builds good cheer in your office. When you couple healthy and satisfying options from our holiday party menus with fun activities, you will be surprised by how much more energy employees have throughout the afternoon.

The holidays are a great time to bond friends and co-workers over amazing food and good cheer. Our family-owned Atlanta catering company has decades of experience planning unique events that allow each guest to relax and connect so relationships flourish.

To bring flawless service and amazing food to your one-of-a-kind holiday party, contact us at or give us a call at 404-728-0770.

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