Anna + Jon’s Fresh and Fun Atlanta Wedding Reception

February 14th 2018 | by Avalon Catering

From the fresh and flavorful seasonal ingredients to beautiful gardens, Atlanta has so much to offer couples. Check out how Anna and Jon made the most of their Atlanta wedding reception with a custom menu and fun entertainment.

The Fall Menu That Completed a Wedding Dream

January 18th 2018 | by Avalon Catering

When Kelly and Quint shared their wedding vision with us, we couldn’t have been more impressed. From the West Palm Beach floral designer in her corner to the stunning Vineyard at 37 High Holly they chose as their wedding venue—they were certainly off to a strong start on planning their fall wedding in North Carolina. …

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Don’t Forget These Wedding Details

September 27th 2017 | by Avalon Catering

It’s the little things that make a big difference when bringing wedding dreams to life. So learn how to change each wedding detail from a task into an opportunity to customize your Atlanta wedding until your vision is complete.

Bring the Best of Fall to Your Atlanta Wedding

May 11th 2017 | by Avalon Catering

Fall is filled with beautiful colors, flavorful ingredients and contagious energy. And experienced event planners know how to incorporate all these brilliant gifts of the season into your Atlanta wedding menu and décor.

An Atlanta Wedding with Local, Seasonal Food

March 23rd 2017 | by Avalon Catering

The farm-to-table movement is now a mainstream part of American culture. You can see it in upscale cafés, restaurant menus across the country and in the heart of our Atlanta catering business and philosophy. Creating wedding menus with a majority of local products not only helps sustain our neighboring small businesses but also ensures that …

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3 Unique Atlanta Wedding Venues

February 23rd 2017 | by Avalon Catering

Choosing a wedding venue is usually the hardest part of the planning process. But these three preferred Atlanta venues have all the style points and services you want along with unparalleled catering services. We even included theme and menu ideas.

Planning an Atlanta Wedding with Us: How it Works

February 7th 2017 | by Avalon Catering

Take a look at how couples’ wedding dreams come to life through seamless planning and guidance from an experienced Atlanta wedding catering company. You probably have more to look forward to leading up to your special day than you imagined!

Irresistible Atlanta Wedding Trends

June 16th 2016 | by Avalon Catering

Creating a personalized, unique experience at weddings is a popular trend this year. Couples want to make a statement about their relationship, heritage and individual style in an elegant fashion. The professionals at Avalon Catering want to share some of the ways that experienced Atlanta wedding planners are helping couples’ personalities shine. How to Personalize …

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Becca + Alex

March 3rd 2016 | by Avalon Catering

When Becca’s mom, Judy, started her quest for the perfect wedding, she had in mind a vision.  She wanted a wedding that was both “Incredible and Special”. A day that would reflect Becca and Alex’s casual style and at the same time keep an elegant feel to the celebration. Judy went about contacting close friends …

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Kate + Nathan

February 25th 2016 | by Avalon Catering

  September 2015 – Monday Night Brewing Kate and Nathan met during Kate’s freshman year as a rower at the University of Georgia. Nathan was Kate’s coach, and as such, was oblivious to her obvious infatuation until one felicitous fall day in 2011 when their fate was sealed. In preparation for this wedding, Kate enlisted …

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