What It Looks Like When A Caterer’s Daughter Gets Married!

The Inside Scoop from Cathy's Daughter, Madison, on her Big Day

When your life revolves around the art of creating unforgettable culinary experiences, it’s only fitting that your own family celebrations reach the epitome of excellence. 

In this article, you’ll get a fun glimpse into wedding planning through the eyes of Madison, one of the daughters of our founder, Cathy Conway. Madison worked closely with the Avalon Catering team to create a wedding that was truly extraordinary and uniquely tailored to her.

Delve into her family and wedding memories, where Madison shares secret insights, tips, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes that transformed her special day into an unforgettable experience.

What was it like to grow up watching your mom as a caterer?

“Growing up as the daughter of a caterer meant a few things, one of the biggest ones being that dinner at our house was a highly sought-after invitation for my friends. It meant that sometimes when we’d forget our lunches at home, accidentally or on purpose (oops!), our mom would deliver turkey sandwiches and homemade brownies straight from the Avalon kitchen to us at school. It also meant that sometimes our mom had to miss big events because she had a big wedding to pull together or a private dinner for 100 to cater, but most of the time she managed to do it all somehow, which amazes me to this day.”

“Our mom has always been a master multi-tasker and delegator when it comes to catering and life in general—she can pull off the biggest and smallest parties seemingly with ease, while simultaneously providing comic relief. She’s amazing. She’s catered our birthday parties, high school graduations, college graduations, her own wedding to our stepdad, my high school best friend’s wedding and baby shower, celebrations of life for a few family members and friends of our family, and more recently she catered mine and Lily’s [Cathy’s second daughter and Madison’s sister] weddings. Avalon has been part of our family at every step of the way!”


Pictured: Cathy Conway with daughter Madison and their husbands at Madison’s wedding.

Photography Credit | @peytonfulford

What was it like to have your mom cater your wedding?

“It was challenging in ways I expected, but incredibly wonderful in ways I never knew it could be… 

Our original wedding was supposed to be in Atlanta in October 2020 and it was going to be a convergence of three decades of vendors she’d worked with, from the rental company, EventWorks, to our favorite local wine shop, Ansley Wine, to an extra-special venue, Ambient+ Studios. One of my best friend’s moms was going to do the flowers, I got my dress from The Sentimentalist, and we’d settled on a menu that featured so many of the lovely local farmers and vendors that Avalon works with.

In light of COVID, we changed our wedding plans and pivoted like so many others to a small 30-person backyard wedding, and instead of in Atlanta we had it in Boston. So, naturally, our mom drove an Avalon van full of rentals from her trusted vendors, natural wine from Ansley WineSweet Grass Dairy cheeses and other Georgia-grown goodies, and together we made our Atlanta wedding happen on a much smaller scale in my in-laws’ backyard. 

I’m still amazed that we made it happen in such a special way, but it really is a testament to our mom’s can-do attitude and ability to make catering magic out of even the toughest of circumstances. She’s a true rockstar.”


Pictured: Madison’s intimate, colorful backyard Boston wedding.

Photography Credit | @peytonfulford

What advice do you have for future clients when working with Avalon Catering?

Photography Credit | @peytonfulford

“Have fun with it! There are basically endless possibilities when it comes to making your dream wedding happen, and my mom and the rest of the Avalon team have all the tools to help you make it happen. 

They bring a special kindness and creativity to every wedding they do to help each couple achieve their vision, whether it’s a classic vibe or something more avant garde like mine was. Also, trust that the food is going to be amazing. I’m obviously very biased, but Avalon’s food is always delicious!!”


Do you have any secret tips to share with future brides?

“Make an event out of every little thing leading up to your wedding and the months after! Plan a special dinner for the day you get your marriage license, get a nice bottle of wine to share when you get all your wedding photos back, watch wedding-themed movies the week before you get married. Celebrate the little things, and it’ll make your big day even more special.”


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