Pastry Tarts Modern Pop-Tarts

Our Favorite Food Trends for 2022

New year, new food trends! After a globally challenging last few years, 2022 is all about fresh, fun food options. The year ahead promises foods that reflect our collective need for some optimism and whimsy, alongside a growing nostalgia for decades gone by.

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Don't Forget The Wedding Details

Don’t Forget These Wedding Details

It’s the little things that make a big difference when bringing wedding dreams to life. So learn how to change each wedding detail from a task into an opportunity to customize your Atlanta wedding until your vision is complete.

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Fall Wedding Theme

Bring the Best of Fall to Your Atlanta Wedding

Fall is filled with beautiful colors, flavorful ingredients and contagious energy. And experienced event planners know how to incorporate all these brilliant gifts of the season into your Atlanta wedding menu and décor.

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