Avalon’s 30+ Years of Sustainable Catering

Creating a Legacy of Culinary Excellence

Avalon Catering takes immense pride in our role as a prominent player in the farm-to-table catering industry, with a track record of over 30 years of outstanding service. Our story is one of countless memorable events, delicious local foods served with integrity and style, and gratitude for the trust clients place in us year after year.

In an industry marked by its dynamic and ever-changing nature, our longevity serves as a testament to our community, our enduring commitment to culinary excellence, our team’s unwavering dedication, and the power of unforgettable experiences.

In this post, we’re sharing about our start, our shared successes over the years, and where we plan to go from here. Read on to learn more about our journey! 

The Birth of

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Driven by her love for cooking and entertaining, Executive Chef Cathy Conway founded Avalon Catering in 1992. The business started with the goal of infusing celebrations with local, sustainable foods – long before “farm to table” was a trend.

Fueled by Cathy’s unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and personalized service, Avalon Catering set out to create a unique offering for the Atlanta region and beyond. To do this, we created a philosophy to live by – one that continues to shape our journey today:

Develop original, custom proposals.
Prepare seasonal menus that are big on flavor.
Flawless event execution.
Simple, stylish and elegant presentation.
Source locally whenever possible.

These principles aren’t just words on paper; they form the heart and soul of our business.

After Avalon’s founding, Executive Chef Cathy Conway attracted others who share her appreciation for carefully-prepared food and her commitment to the local food movement. Ann Beamon came to the team in 2004 to lead Avalon’s sales and marketing. In 2011, they were joined by Chef de Cuisine Jenn Robbins. Then came Pastry Chef Aeriel Ross, joining the Avalon team in 2018. Over the years, our culinary team, comprised of seasoned chefs and creative minds, has thrived on the challenge of curating experiences that leave a lasting impression on every guest.

The Heart of

Over the course of our three decades, Avalon’s team has mastered the art of crafting menus that are as visually stunning and sustainable as they are palate-pleasing. Every event is an opportunity to showcase our passion for culinary excellence – and our event planning services help ensure that gatherings go off without a hitch!

Behind every plate, a group of people have come together to create the foods we enjoy. Avalon’s many long-standing partnerships with local farms, event venues, and others in the industry bring our clients’ celebrations to life. 

From weddings, galas, and large-scale celebrations to business lunches, birthday and anniversary parties, and so much more – we’re honored to be a part of so many special days in our community, with partners who share our ethos.

Over the Years

Image credit: Michaella Jelin @michaellajelin

As we look back on three decades of heart-racing and heartwarming experiences, we remember the people, laughter, the delicious food, and the joyous atmosphere that defined each occasion. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • Sharing the joy of fresh, local flavors with the community across Atlanta’s farmers markets.
  • Landing a cover-story feature in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Food section.
  • Establishing strong relationships with local event venues and fellow industry workers.
  • Cathy Conway being named by the Georgia Restaurant Association as one of four of the 2015 Georgia Grown Executive Chefs.
  • Catering countless love stories at weddings across the state and country – including the wedding of Cathy’s daughter, Madison!
  • Serving Atlanta’s local business community and becoming a part of countless holiday parties, happy hours, awards banquets, lunch and learns, and networking breakfasts.
  • Community Farmers Markets recognizing Cathy Conway as a “Lady Locavore” Award Recipient in 2020 – one of our last events before the world as we knew it completely changed!
  • Helping feed Atlanta’s first responders during the pandemic through Feed the Frontline.
  • Growing relationships with local purveyors and farmers to source the best ingredients and support our local food industry.


As we celebrate 30+ remarkable years in the catering industry, we’re humbled by the trust you’ve placed in us to be a part of your most cherished moments. Our journey has been one of growth, learning, and connection with our community.

As we stand at this milestone, we’re not only looking back with gratitude but also looking forward with immense excitement. The future holds new culinary horizons to explore, the honing of even more sustainable practices, innovative ways to enhance your events, and the privilege of being a part of even more of your special memories.

With the same passion and commitment that has driven us for the past three decades, we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead. Thank you for being a part of our story – and here’s to many more years of creating exceptional moments together!

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