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Tips for Breakfast Catering: Atlanta

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One thing most of us have in common: eating breakfast! On any given day, around 84% of U.S. adults age 20 and older eat breakfast. Whether you’re sitting down to a homestyle plate or grabbing a quick protein bar on the go, your morning meal is a chance to fuel up for the day ahead. 

Breakfast and brunch-based events are a chance to connect and make memories over your favorite AM eats. Plus, breakfast events are a versatile option! Go relaxed and fun with omelet stations, a bagel bar, and DIY waffle buffet. Or, opt for an elegant presentation by serving a plated breakfast that includes offerings like quiche, eggs Benedict, and fresh fruit.

Another upside: many venues have greater flexibility and lower rental fees for morning and daytime events. As a result, planning a brunch-based wedding can be a way to save money on your big day.

Whether you’re planning a corporate meeting or a brunch-based wedding, read on for an insider’s tips on making the most of your breakfast catering event.

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Atlanta is a city that loves its brunch. In fact, one Atlanta Magazine article noted that “brunch in Atlanta might be bigger than religion.” The article goes on to describe brunch as “a weekly birthday party, a squad goal, a celebration of survival and success, a space where one can engage in self-case or occasionally spoil themselves with comfort served by the plate.” It’s hard to argue with that!

From long-standing local gems like The Original Pancake HouseFlying Biscuit and Silver Skillet to favorites like Buttermilk Kitchen and chic spots like Bread & Butterfly – there’s no shortage of iconic breakfast places in our city.

With Atlanta’s love for brunch, it’s no surprise that morning to midday events are popular here. Since the possibilities for a breakfast menu can seem endless, work with your caterer to pare down the options and determine the best menu for your get-together. From donut walls to build-your-own stations, sit-down plates, and portable breakfast sandwiches, you’re sure to find the right options for your group.

What to

Avalon Catering Yogurt Parfaits
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Did you know: the most popular breakfast food in the U.S. in 2023 was eggs, with 33% of people listing it as their favorite? The runner-up was bacon and sausage, with 18% loving these most.

While eggs and meat are a classic breakfast combo, be sure to balance out heavier dishes with something light and fresh, like yogurt parfaits and fruit. You can also aim for a mix of sweet and savory flavors to create a balanced breakfast spread.

Sample Breakfast Menus from Avalon Catering

GF: gluten-free, NF: nut-free, DF: dairy-free

Breakfast Tacos

  • Scrambled farm eggs (GF + VEG + NF)
  • Chopped chicken apple sausage (GF + VEG + NF)
  • Tofu scramble (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)
  • Pickled jalapeños, diced tomatoes, sliced scallions (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)
  • Shredded cheddar + sour cream (GF + VEG + NF)
  • Tomatillo salsa + chipotle salsa (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)
  • Locally crafted corn tortillas (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)
  • Flour tortillas (VEGAN + DF + NF)
  • Roasted potato poblano hash w. onions (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)
  • Fresh fruit salad macerated w. fresh lime juice, organic agave nectar and mint (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)

A la Carte Breakfast Menu

  • Mini quiche w. roasted broccoli and cheddar – farm eggs are whipped and baked in a buttery pie crust w. roasted broccoli and cheddar cheese (VEG + NF)
  • Beeler’s applewood smoked bacon (GF + DF + NF)
  • Scratch buttermilk biscuits prepared w. Southern Swiss dairy buttermilk + Zeigler’s honey whipped butter (VEG + NF) 
  • Classic scones + chef’s preserves (VEG + NF)
  • Zeigler’s honey yogurt parfait w. fresh berries and housemade granola  (GF + VEG)
  • Fresh ambrosia salad – sliced grapefruit and oranges, pineapple, a little toasted coconut and a drizzle of Zeigler’s honey (GF + VEG + DF + NF)

Health Nut

  • Atlanta Sausage Co. chicken and apple sausage links (GF + DF + NF)
  • Mini farm egg white frittatas w. peppers, onions and feta (GF + VEG + NF)
  • Zeigler’s honey yogurt (GF + VEG + NF) w. housemade gluten-free granola (GF + VEG + DF)
  • Fruit salad macerated w. fresh lime juice, agave and mint (GF + VEGAN + DF + NF)

Spotlight on:

Avalon Catering Atlanta Butter Board

While charcuterie is still going strong, butter boards have been having a “moment” across social media. It’s easy to see why: dipping fresh-baked bread and other tasty items into fresh-churned, creamy butter is basically our dream come true!

Delight guests at your next brunch event with butter boards, avocado boards, and other spreadable dips and toppings. These boards are typically served alongside a variety of dippable items like bread, crackers, cheese, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, and more. 

Our Avalon Catering team has so much fun creating and serving butter boards (pictured above) for our event guests to enjoy together! We especially love that butter boards are a shared experience that spark conversations and memories.

You can also opt for an array of fresh goodness with avocado boards. Made with ripe, just-soft-enough avocados, these boards are topped with flavorful accoutrements that blend tastes and textures.

Because we’re event designers as well as caterers, we style your shareable boards with decorative, edible touches that help set the scene. Dig in!


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Fortunately, breakfast is a meal that makes it easy to include a wide variety of dietary needs and preferences:

  • Vegans can enjoy waffles & pancakes (with vegan butter), tofu scrambles, hash browns, grits, fruit and berries, smoothie bowls, vegan sausage, oatmeal, breakfast tacos, vegan baked goods, cereal with non-dairy milk, and more.
  • Vegetarians can dine on all of the above – plus eggs, quiche, yogurt, cottage cheese, and a variety of baked goods.
  • Gluten-free diners will appreciate eggs and bacon/sausage, frittatas, GF oatmeal, breakfast tacos with corn tortillas, yogurt, cottage cheese, smoothie bowls, fruit and berries, hash browns, grits, and GF baked goods.
  • Keto diet adherents can load up on eggs, bacon, and sausage with cheese for a hearty fat and protein fix.

Breakfast catering offers a versatile range of options to accommodate special dietary needs, so everyone can enjoy a delicious meal together. Work with your caterer to create a wide-ranging breakfast menu, so all your guests can start the day satisfied and nourished. 

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Avalon Catering Mimosas
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When planning your breakfast or brunch catering event, don’t forget the drinks! From getting caffeinated to toasting that special moment, here are some drink ideas to consider:
  • Coffee and tea service, including decaf options
  • Mimosas or a signature breakfast cocktail
  • Bloody Mary bar, complete with all the fixings
  • Sparkling waters
  • Mocktails made with juice, sparkling water, and other infusions
  • Hot chocolate bar (in fall and winter)
When it comes to a breakfast or brunch event, you can skip the full bar, allowing you to spend more of your catering budget on food versus alcohol. Stick with a few key breakfast bar drinks (think: mimosas and Bloody Marys) – and be sure to include coffee options for guests!

More brunch

Tips to keep in mind when planning your breakfast or brunch event:

  • Consider interactive food stations, live entertainment, a photo booth, craft stations, or games and activities to make your event more fun and memorable.
  • Choose a theme! For instance, you could plan your décor and menu around themes like Bridgerton tea party brunch, a “waffle” lot of gratitude team brunch, a rustic farmhouse-inspired brunch, “a little cutie is coming” orange-themed baby shower brunch, and so much more.
  •  Hand out small party favors at the end of your get-together. These keepsake-sized Bonne Maman jams or small bottles of maple syrup make for an on-theme gift. Or, gift everyone a personalized coffee mug or tumbler.

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